Tim Harris


Tim Harris 是个爱说故事的人。这位来自墨尔本的动作及旅行摄影师从不让他的相片或对话浮于表面。相反,他更喜欢深入挖掘,寻找事物的意义和箇中的火花,而这也许启发自他以前的工作 ── 一位青年工作者。我们喜欢 Tim,因为他总能够捕捉生动的时刻 (有时会从摩托车的后座按下快门),并将每个故事中的片段和人物紧紧联系起来。

“I started off as a youth worker in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, which I really loved. But when I moved, I realised that really wasn’t my community anymore. So I needed to find something that would let me meet new people and see new things, and that’s what photography opened up for me. The amount of people I have met just because I own a camera is ridiculous.”

Tim Harris


小时候,大人们告诉 Tim 应该把创意留给爱好,适时发挥。然而,这并没有阻止他在学校学习艺术,在大学修读电影,长大后将摄影作为他的全职工作。对我们来说,Tim 是一位敢于突破的人。他致力磨练自己,全因他相信他的手艺会为他带来无限机会,以及更伟大的成就。


“I think the reason I shoot motorcycles and cars and cycling isn’t so much because I love those things, it’s because I get a front row seat to these subcultures, to someone else’s community. I’m excited to showcase a little of what’s happening with these subcultures – let everyone see the back deserts of Australia (and the dust)!”

Tim 的灵活Bellroy单品

“I try to be as organized as possible – especially out on shoots. My style is very ‘in the moment’ and you have to be ready. Having my Venture Sling (Camera Edition) and Tech Kit has helped me know where all my gear is, and get to it quickly. I used to use hard cases, but you can’t run up the hill with an open hard case full of lenses! Now I can just go for it.”