Social Media Captain


We’re on the hunt for a keen go-getter to lead our social media community and steer the ship(s) into bold new waters. Bellroy is a for-purpose brand that exists to inspire better ways to carry, use business as a force for good and help the world flourish. Spreading our rich, vibrant stories as far and wide and round-the-corners as possible is crucial to reaching our goal. That’s where you’d come in. As our Social Media Captain, you’d drive the planning, execution and growth of our social media channels. You’d work to manage our day-to-day, strengthen and expand opportunities on our existing channels, and explore spaces we haven’t even thought about yet. Cough-TikTok-cough. You’d manage our ambassador relationships, and help the creative team to create engaging, pertinent and always original content.

You’d bring some experience in social media and/or brand marketing and lots of ideas to help us expand our reach, grow our followers and increase our organic revenue streams. Because growing is something we do every day at Bellroy. In business, and as people.

If you can bring your strategic mind, ideas fountain and organisational prowess to our team, we’ll give you a world-class team to bounce off, the tools you need to do your thing, and the kind of support that’ll let you flourish. Not to mention, a certified Great Place To Work 2021!


You’ve already stalked our channels. Saved your favorite post (because you know that’s the best engagement boost – thanks!). And watched a video or two. Now, your mind is working overdrive on ideas to take our social channels – yep, all of them (and some we haven’t got to yet) – way further. You are a fine balance between considered and ready-for-action. Collaborative and autonomous. Broad picture and fine detail. You’ll jump on to a project with enthusiasm, once you’ve run it through your mind and verified it’s right for the channel, and good for the brand. You’re creative and practical with your ideas. But you bring a kind of marketing or commercial prowess that’ll turn good ideas into legit business opportunities (with legit growth numbers attached).

Because you love trying new things. But you love checking to see if they worked, more. And you’re humble enough to admit when something didn’t go as planned. You’re always prepared with plan B, anyway. Because you know that, when it comes to social media, being able to adapt, respond and pivot on a plan is the nature of the beast. Changing things up and rolling with the punches in a fast-paced environment doesn’t stress you out. You’re calm. You’re switched on. And you’re ready.


  • Brainstormed with the team on some posts to support an upcoming campaign
  • Tracked social organic revenue target, and made adjustments to your plan if sales are behind forecast
  • Updated business as usual processes so that they are easier to manage, schedule, or automate
  • Dived into what our customers are engaging with most, where our messages are resonating, and made some suggestions on how we could amplify our successes
  • Researched some like-minded brands, accounts or potential ambassadors, and reached out to pitch your opportunity
  • Organized an Instagram giveaway, and passed the idea through our legal and customer support teams
  • Spent an hour working with the photo and video team on a fun new reel
  • Pitched Bellroy’s entry into TikTok land to some key stakeholders
  • Checked that we have all the imagery and copy for the week’s posts, scheduled anything that can be scheduled, and set yourself reminders to post the rest


  • Experience in social media management, brand marketing or similar
  • Knowledge of all the main social media channels
  • Ability to measure and report social engagement and revenue
  • Some experience with content creation – ie shooting iPhone videos to as a reel or TikTok or similar
  • Strong organisation skills
  • Attention to detail, especially when juggling many things at once
  • A keen eye for design and grammatically correct copy


This is a full-time role based in our Fitzroy (Melbourne) head office, with flexible/remote working available.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!

Social Media Captain



Our Spaces

'Bellroy' is a fusion of our two homes – Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells Beach brings a relaxed, outdoor vibe to balance Fitzroy's creative, urban style. The city and the sea; inspiration and adventure. Together they provide a perfect balance.

Bells Beach

Our beach HQ sits behind giant sandstone cliffs that overlook one of Australia’s best-known surfing coastlines. It’s where our Product Designers experiment in the Maker Lab, and our Sales team consume awesome amounts of espresso and Skype bandwidth. Things are more tranquil here than our Fitzroy neighbours and we like the focus that can create. There’s a cafe right next door if you need a quick bite and our 11am surf check always provides the perfect chance to reset the mind with some salt air.


Our Fitzroy space is immersed in the middle of Melbourne’s creative hub. It’s where our Creative, Marketing, Engineering and Operations teams develop campaigns and ensure each Bellroy is sent safely across the world. Walk out the door and you’ll find streets bursting with energy (and the best ramen joint this side of Tokyo). There’s also an olympic-size pool just around the corner for those in need of a lunchtime refresh.


Outside of our two main headquarters we have a team that works remotely - from Western Australia to parts of Asia, the USA and Europe. Being global is at the heart of Bellroy, it keeps us connected, and makes sure we see life from many different perspectives. If you have an internet connection and the flexibility to become part of a team you don’t see everyday, you might consider joining our growing global network.

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Our Team

It takes a diverse crew to make Bellroy tick. We’re a collection of thinkers and makers, coming from over 25 different countries (and counting). Everyone has a unique set of skills, which all blend to achieve a clear vision – Inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; help the world, and our crew, flourish.

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