Careers at Bellroy
Social Media Manager


We’re on the hunt for a Social Media Manager to operate our social channels, engage our community and elevate our brand. Bellroy is a for-purpose brand that exists to inspire better ways to carry, use business as a force for good and help the world flourish. Getting our vibrant stories to the world, showing off our products in creative ways, and deepening the relationships with our customers is crucial to delivering on those promises.

Where you come in.

Sharp eye. Organised brain. Ideas fountain. As our Social Media Manager, you’ll be delivering content to our community of 800,000+ fans across multiple social media channels. You’ll put yourself out there: getting content live, working with our in-house creative team to execute ideas, diving into comment sections, checking in on performance and making sure everything is going out as it should. You’ll also leave plenty of room for exploring new spaces, and finding opportunities to test and experiment in the existing ones. You’ll work to grow our community in the right ways, tap into like-minded groups that might not yet know about us, and champion our reputation as a leader. You’ll track engagement levels and general brand sentiment, and bring the best insights back to the team. Sound good? Great.

What we’ll give you.

Only a world-class team to bounce off, the tools you need to do your thing, and the kind of support that’ll help you flourish. Not to mention, an award-winning culture.


  • Have 2–5 years experience in a social media role
  • Can combine creativity, practical nous and strategic thinking to turn ideas into actions and question marks into opportunities
  • Are comfortable jumping up to capture some content if you spot something fun or interesting happening around the place
  • Have the ability to speak up for what you believe is the best course of action, the open-mindedness to take suggestions from the group, and the communication skills to bring people together towards a shared goal
  • Love trying new things, are prepared to learn through exploration, and remain ready to adapt or twist if needed – it’s social media after all!
  • Keep lists, summarise in bullet points, build contingency plans, ask questions and always have an eye on what’s changing or what needs updating
  • Are full of initiative and can work autonomously, while taking direction and asking for guidance when needed
  • Have experience in content creation – shooting a TikTok on your phone or moderating a Q&A in IG Stories
  • Have a keen eye for design and zero tolerance for grammatical faux pas


  • Brainstormed ideas with our social team, and built out a weekly plan for posting across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and beyond
  • Uploaded recent campaign imagery to Pinterest
  • Worked with our Campaign Planning team to recommend ways specific social platforms can be used to amplify an upcoming campaign – and then reporting back afterwards on what happened and how it performed
  • Summarised recent performance, and distilled the takeaways into updated ideas or experiments to test our theories next month
  • Built a playbook of best performing posts to deepen our calibration, and provide some ‘easy wins’ to continue posting
  • Brought some ideas on follower growth to the team for discussion
  • Updated processes so that they are easier to manage, schedule, or automate
  • Worked with our Customer Support team to filter our DMs and comments, keep an eye on what our fans are saying, and bring any ‘curly’ questions to our Communications team to address
  • Followed some new like-minded brands or creators, to keep building our community
  • Checked that we have all the imagery and copy for the week’s posts, scheduled anything that can be scheduled, and set yourself reminders to post the rest


Bellroy’s mission is to inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; and help the world – and our crew – flourish. We make great carry products that delight people in their everyday lives, while constantly innovating to improve (the sustainability of our materials)[]. We donate a portion of our revenue to some of the world’s most effective charities and are a certified B Corporation. We have carefully built our culture on radical effectiveness. Our credo is "smart people with good intentions who get shit done" (yes, really).


This is a full-time role based in our Collingwood (Melbourne) head office, with flexible work arrangements available.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!




Bellroy是来自我们两个「家」—— 贝尔斯海滩 (Bells Beach) 和菲茨罗伊 (Fitzroy)的心血结晶 。贝尔斯海滩有着轻松的户外氛围,恰好平衡菲茨罗伊 的创意城市风格。城市和大海;启发与冒险,两个地方为我们提供了完美的平衡。

贝尔斯海滩 (Bells Beach)

我们的海滩总部坐落在巨大的砂岩悬崖后面,俯瞰着澳大利亚最著名的冲浪海岸之一。这是我们的产品设计师在Maker Lab进行实验的地方,也是我们的销售团队饮用大量的浓咖啡和进行一系列Skype通话的地方。这里比我们在费兹罗伊的办公室更加宁静,我们更喜欢这种专注的环境。如果需要快速用餐,办公室旁边就有一家咖啡馆,而我们每天上午11点的冲浪检查总是提供了一个完美的机会,让您在盐风中重新调整思绪。

菲茨罗伊 (Fitzroy)



在我们的两个主要总部之外,我们还有一个远距工作团队 - 从西澳大利亚到亚洲部分地区、美国和欧洲。全球化是Bellroy的核心,它让我们保持联系,并确保我们从许多不同的角度看待生活。如果您有网路连接,并且可以灵活地成为您每天不见面的团队的一员,您可以考虑加入我们不断发展的全球网路。

Our team image


Bellroy需要多元化的团队才能发挥作用。我们是来自超过 25 个不同国家(并且还在增加)的思想家和创造者的集合。每个人都有一套独特的技能,这些技能融合在一起以实现清晰的愿景——激发更好的带领;利用商业作为行善的力量;帮助世界和我们的员工成长。